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Dreadlock Central

From Overwhelmed to Easy: How Colby Found Relief from Tax Stress and Achieved Financial Peace with Our Tax Services
– A Transformative Case Study –


Colby Neumeister


Dreadlock Central & other freelancing


Tax Catchup, Bookkeeping



Services Rendered:

Colby, the founder of Dreadlock Central, focused his efforts into building his business but found himself behind on his taxes. Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn, he was referred to us by one of our other business owner clients. With a consultation and our guidance, we promptly addressed Colby’s tax backlog, putting his mind at ease. And we seamlessly organized his financials. His monthly bookkeeping is currently managed by us with meticulous care and as a result tax season is a walk in the park for him.

From the client:

“Worksmart Accounting has been a gamechanger for me! I knew I needed an accountant for my business but avoided the tedious pursuit of trying to find a good accountant. After having a conversation with another business owner, she referred me to Andrew. From the first few minutes of our call I already knew he was the guy for the job. He’s caught me up on all of my taxes and has been keeping my books since 2021. Everything is so streamlined that I practically don’t even think about my taxes at all, yet they’re always handled and up to date. I really appreciate how easy my taxes are now, thank you!”