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Matt Hardy

Unlocking Tax Clarity: A Case Study on How Matt Embraced Expert Tax Solutions and Maximized Deductions for his Real Estate Business


Matt Hardy


Real Estate Firm


Business Bookkeeping, Catchup



Accounting Solutions:

Like many individuals, Matt found taxes to be a foreign and confusing concept. As his career progressed, self-preparing his taxes became increasingly time-consuming and overwhelming. When we first started working together, Matt had just launched his real estate business and faced uncertainty about deductible business expenses.

Through detailed consultations, we meticulously reviewed Matt’s expenditures for the year, identifying eligible deductible expenses and ensuring compliance. Beyond the basics, we delved into additional tax deductions, capitalizing on opportunities such as the home office deduction and business use of the vehicle. As a result, we successfully lightened Matt’s tax burden, providing him with newfound clarity and confidence in his financial affairs.

From the client:

I filed taxes for the first time with Andrew Katz.  This is the first year filing taxes has actually been bearable.  I am insanely grateful for all of the hard work Andrew Katz put in.  He was accessible and responsive, incredibly willing to educate me every step of the way!  The way Andrew went above and beyond for me demonstrates unmatched integrity and dedication.  I am beyond grateful for his help, and plan on using Andrew Katz next year, and the years after that!”