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Project Body

Empowered financial decision-making: How we helped Project Body grow with reduced taxes and organized records.


Lisa Johnson


Project Body Massge & Stretch Therapy


Tax Catch Up, Bookkeeping, Tax Resolution



Our Journey:

Collaborating closely with Lisa and her evolving business, Project Body, we took on the role of her dedicated tax advisor, navigating a handful of complex tax matters. Through negotiations with the IRS and state tax agencies, we successfully reduced her tax liability, while also securing a tailored payment plan that perfectly aligned with her cash flow. Our approach ensures that Lisa can effortlessly make her monthly payments, preserving the business’s financial stability and dramatically reducing the stress of her tax situation.

Recognizing the significance of up to date financial records for Project Body’s growth, we embarked on our cleanup process, bringing her accounting records up-to-date. As a result, the business’s financial status became measurable and easily accessible, offering Lisa valuable insights whenever she desires. By consistently maintaining and updating these records, we empower Lisa to make informed decisions confidently. Our collaborative journey with Project Body showcases our commitment to delivering personalized tax solutions and accounting services, while fostering a clear and stress free journey for Lisa and her business.

From the client:

“As a small business owner, I have to wear many hats. While I’m pretty good with most of those hats, that financial hat is my weakest link. After a couple years of digging my hole, I finally flew the white flag and asked for Andrew’s help in sorting my financial situation out. After gathering all the information he needed, he created a game plan with me to help me straighten out my books and get me operating efficiently! He helped me create a payment plan to pay back taxes and even helped to reduce a couple thousand out of what I owe! I can’t sing enough praise about Andrew’s work! We would still be lost without him! Do yourself a favor, put your mind at ease, and employ this guy! Let Andrew do what he does best!”